LGBT Models

Bison’s Next Top Queer Model (BNTQM)

We, as queer competitors, represent the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community.

Cesar Ayala is the founder of Bison’s Next Top Model, established in 2007. He is aiming to become a celebrity photographer and push Deaf people into the modelling world. Before establishing the first show, he worked as a resident assistant and he was required to open an event once per semester. Inspired by America’s Next Top Model, he took black and white pictures of about fifteen competitors with his basic camera. Luba Douziech was the first Canadian woman who obtained a modelling award. Two months later, he was encouraged by his Kappa Sigma brothers, Gallaudet University community, and crews that he could establish the first show, Bison’s Next Top Model to increase the recognition of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at Gallaudet University. From there, he became very successful and recognisable! This ninth show is the first history of Bison’s Next Top Model to represent Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender competitors, which gives a positive, inspiring impact on Gallaudet University and other Deaf communities. Cesar Ayala said, “The next competition will be my very last show, as I will graduate in late May.” His name would not be fading away, since he is going to represent Mr. Gay Washington, DC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 18-19. His favourite signature is “A camera does not make you a famous photographer; use your magic eyes.”

     Wet ‘n Wild

Sex Appeal

Strawberry Split

Romantic Couple

    Word of the Day

Ryan Corona-Ibarra is the winner of Bison’s Next Top Queer Model. Ryan, congratulations!


Freedom: Fly Bird Fly





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