James Gleen: Deaf Student Coming Out, November 2011 on campus at Gallaudet University

In Gallaudet University, James Gleen explained his story about his feeling, he wasn’t sure if he should to coming out his sexual orientation at Gallaudet University because he doesn’t want people to bully on him or do something wrong. He kept it silent. Later on, he finally was coming out to his closer friends.


Offices of The Washington Blade

Interview with Phil Reese and Lynne Brown of The Washington Blade, on November 4, 2011.

What is your name and role at The Washington Blade?

Phil Reese: Hello, I am Phil Reese and I am working as a Manager Digital Initiatives – managing social media, digital things, and reporting.

Lynne Brown: I am Lynee Brown, you know. I am working as a publisher. I have been reporting gay news in Washington, DC.

What does cultural diversity mean to you?

Phil Reese: We, as The Washington Blade, believe that cultural diversity defines two folds between encouraging the DC community to accept and cherishing their own identity. We make a commitment for our LGBT community to educate them out of their everyday experiences. Our approach to the writing is that we are very proud of the LGBT culture.

Lynne Brown: LGBT individuals have their own identities. There are gay people everything in the DC Metro Area. We reach out to the community internally and externally through amplifying the awareness of LGBT and ceasing homophobia at The Washington Blade.

What made you participate in gay news at The Washington Blade?

Phil Reese: Oh, that was such a long time ago. Let me remember… I had been reading gay books that published in Washington, DC. I came here to look for my people, community, and cooperation.

Lynne Brown: Fifteen years ago, I found out that the Lesbian-related newspaper company had a job for me. This company had been shut down for forty-two years. I heard about the Washington Blade that focuses upon LGBT news, so I joined here. Every community has to find their own people to communicate with their own people. In the United States, people have the same interest in the newspaper.

What does TWB do to promote the news, inclusion, and employment opportunities of the diverse LGBT community in Washington DC?

Phil Reese and Lynne Brown overlaid their answers.

It is a very historical newspaper. We did every first thing in the newspaper. There was a gay publisher in Washington, DC who had been invited to the White House Press conference.

The purpose of the gay newspaper is to expose everybody to gay issues. We have serious issues about gay people like oppression. The policy is important to teach them that gay people are not necessary to be neglected.

Bravery is an essential word for our company. The first newspaper company was the Gay Blade. Bill Clinton supported this newspaper in 1992.

This author obtained an award for HIV/AIDS awareness. In fact, there were not fair therapies and medicines. Many people were died from AIDS during the 1880s. Nobody paid attention to the AIDS health clinic.

The newspaper is a foundation to expose the LGBT community in DC to gay interests, sports, and many more. In fact, 35,000 people were surveryed in DC, MD, and VA that they confessed their gay identity.

Do you have internship and/or volunteer opportunities available for college students?

The Washington Blade in need of hiring college students for internship and volunteer opportunities. Both reporters said, “Yes, yes, yes!”

It is a profit corporation that there are a lot of job availabilities like editor, artist, photographer, and morgue specialist. We need to hire two photographers. For college students who major in Business, the Washington Blade is a perfect opportunity for them. The department provides accounting, marketing, and communication areas for business majors.


Offices of The Human Rights Campaign

Interview with Tom Sullivan, Deputy Director of Family Project, at HRC on November 11, 2011.

November 11, 2011, I went to Human Right Campaign to interview, Tom Sullivan in his role as Deputy Director of the Family Project. He does research to show that healthcare consumerism is on the rise and he went to any hospitals to ensure that all hospital make proper policy for LGBT patients t visit to hospital. He collects the survey from LGBT patients about their hospital.

According to (Sullivan, 2011),  for student for other college or universities who want to do an internship in Human Right Campaign, it doesn’t matter if the students have poor or strong writing, but they are interested in their skills and motivation. Human Right Campaign believe that everyone have different strength. (Sullivan, personal communication, 2011).

After the interview, Tom Sullivan showed me around the building and the flag, I noticed the HRC flag. When I asked Tom Sullivan about the flag, he said “In 1996, Human Right Campaign wanted a symbol related to LGBT therefore, one person decided to asked an outstanding design the flag, but he was not sure why blue and yellow- were used as color he said “maybe it was the artist favorite a color.” (Sullivan, Personal Communication, 2011).

According to (Sullivan, 2011), the flag is a symbol of equality and believes in the various cultural identities of people, family history, their language, attitude, beliefs, and many more. He does believe that many people have different styles, everyone is not the same. He also believes that as human beings we are the same. “Cultural is not the right word, but diverse is a precise word because everyone has own different cultural identity, family history, leadership, inclusion, and opinions.” (Sullivan, 2011).

According to (Sullivan, 2011),  for student for other college or universities who want to do an internship in Human Right Campaign, it doesn’t matter if the students have poor or strong writing, but they are interested in their skills and motivation. Human Right Campaign believe that everyone have different strength. (Sullivan, Personal Communication, 2011).


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